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"Only by beginning with the Spirit can one proceed to create better health in the Mind and Body."


My journey into whole health started over 40 years ago in Texas with the near death of my infant daughter. She was misdiagnosed and prescribed the wrong medication. I was traumatized by the situation. I took it upon myself to learn everything I could about holistic health and nutrition. Without realizing it, I was creating a new lifestyle. I was being transformed from a passive participant in my health to an active participant.


I no longer wanted ordinary health; I wanted extraordinary health for myself and my family.


In the mid-seventies, after the birth of my second daughter, I became interested in weight training and started researching, reading, learning and experimenting with weight-bearing exercises. My body started to feel strong and lean...I felt fit and I knew from that moment on that weight training would always be a part of my exercise routine.


In 1979, I moved to southern California and continued educating myself in nutrition and fitness. During that time I was introduced to the concept of fasting. I started fasting a few times a year and it became an intrinsic part of my health plan. A few years later I moved to the Bay Area and started studying and learning about herbs and their medicinal properties, functions, and benefits. As I continued researching and educating myself people increasingly sought me out for advice. I was delighted to share my experience and knowledge, while always encouraging them to learn for themselves. After twenty years of conscious and intentional fasting, I learned and gained wisdom and knowledge about how, why, and when to fast.

Since then, I have created a unique lifestyle-change program for weight release.


In this program I incorporated fasting as one of the main foundational tools for change. The essence of the program is real food, nutrition, and holistic fitness.


After many years of exercising, gaining knowledge, enjoying the results, and helping others I decided to become a certified personal fitness trainer in 2000.

I do not label myself as a fitness trainer but as a Transformationist.


I learned through my many years of experience that in order to achieve extraordinary health a person has to be transformed and not conform to the one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to healthy, nutritional choices and fitness.

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