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The Winter Natural Weight Release Journey is the journey of replenishing and recharging; self-care healing. In winter, the coldest of the seasons, temperatures drop and the days become shorter. It is the time many animals go into hibernation. As human-beings it is not necessary for us to hibernate, but it is necessary for us to replenish and recharge. We live in a stressful world where long commutes and work hours have become the new norm. Today, more than ever, people are less active and more frustrated. Why? The reason is STRESS; running on empty.


The winter journey will replenish and recharge the spirit, mind and body. In today's world stress has worked havoc on many. Stress being the clever character it is, robs the body of health slowly over a period of time before it is recognized as an intruder in one’s overall health. Our adrenal glands are our protector from stress in all forms; negative or positive. These two tiny endocrine glands are heavy hitters. They are about the size of a walnut and weigh less than a grape. Each gland resides on top of each kidney. They are the body’s first responders, effecting how we feel and think in situations either external or internal. These are common symptoms of low adrenal functions: difficulty getting up in the morning, craving for salt or salty foods, lack of energy, light-headedness when standing up quickly, increased PMS, bloated, tired, cranky, cramping, gaining weight easily, difficulty losing weight, craving chocolate, less accurate memory, slow recovery from illness, injury or trauma and a need to snack on colas and candy in order to get going.


The Winter Journey is 6-weeks of decompressing stress with self-care that replenishes and recharges the Spirit, Mind & Body resulting in natural weight release and a healthier response to life stressors.


For more information about the next Winter Journey, inquire with Gloria to informational meeting.

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