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Group Training

Body Types Fitness is a specialty class for women that I am not offering with the same or similar body type and weight or or lack of weight distribution, who prefer and enjoy the comradery of a small group sharing the same concerns. 

The exercises that will be applied are design to trim , build strengthen and tone these specific body types. Also includes, nutritional suggestions and support. Class size 2-5 with the same or similar body type.


Class will meet for six-weeks, 60 minutes, 2 times per week. Class schedule shall be determined by participants availability of days and time. 

Includes 2 InBody Composition Analysis before and after.

Body Parts Fitness Class is a small group specialty class that is designed for women who would like to target tone a specific problem area of the body. Where do you need more tone?

Each body part will be target tone for 4 weeks, twice weekly. Implementing various resistance and exercises for the best results. This class will include cardio activity to prepare the body in the mobilization of overall body fat; you cannot spot reduce fat, but you can strengthen and target tone specific muscle groups. For resistance, dumbbells, and body weight will be used and followed by an overall body stretch. Class size 4 -6.

Small Group Boomers /Seniors Strength Functional Training This class is designed to build muscle mass, strength, balance and flexibility. Falls in seniors are attribute to loss of muscle mass and balance. When growing older it is extremely important that all seniors do strength functional training to prevent falls that can lead to broken bones and head injuries.

Small Group Aerobic Weight Training Fitness Classes are for individuals of all ages and fitness level who enjoy working out in a group setting. These classes may from time to time utilize an inner mix of calisthenics, steps. body weight and dumbbells and ankle-weights . Participants are encourage to start at their current fitness level, exercises will be modified to accommodate these participants. Class size 3-6 and duration 60 minutes.

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