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Gloria Kamil 's
Natural Weight Release Journeys

Gloria Kamil's Natural Weight Release Journeys are an introduction into a lifestyle of whole health; not partial health.  There are four Journeys, one for each season. The Journeys are all-inclusive lifestyle change programs with a variety of journey kits and payment plans from which to choose. Journey kits may include real-food nutrition classes, interactive healthy cooking suggestions, options, and fitness classes. The Journeys are open to all women and men 18 and older.


All of the Journey's lifestyle change programs promote sensible and healthy lifestyle changes that encourage growth and development of the Spirit, Mind & Body in the releasing of weight rather than losing weight. There is a distinct difference between the two. To lose is to misplace; To release is to let go. In the Journey, depending upon age, current weight and compliance to the program, an individual can release 10 - 40 pounds or more, and 12 - 48 inches or more in 6-9 weeks.


The Journey objectives are:

1. To bring the body to its optimal weight naturally and safely, by way of systematic fasting, whole-food nutrition, quality nutritional supplements, organic/wild crafted herbs, and regular, structured exercise, re-establishing, improving, and building your health.

2. To teach, direct and assist Journeyers in making necessary behavioral changes in their health. By actively relying upon the power of the Holy Spirit, the spiritual force of God in the governing and improving ones health; Spirit, Mind/Emotions & Body.


3. To address the mental/emotional issues that surround eating foods that decrease our health and life expectancy. The Journeys address the non-compliance of exercising  regularly. The Journey does not focus on the conventional approaches in these areas. The re-establishment of health is dependent upon the individual willingness to make the necessary lifestyle changes that support their transformation process.

In the Journey, Journeyers will learn:

  • That it's not willpower that will get you healthy and keep you there but the Holy Spirit when you allow it to direct and guide you in the obtaining and maintaining of whole health of the Spirit, Mind and Body.

  • Why and how to develop and build a healthy relationship with exercise.

  • The healing power of exercise to age proof your mind and body

  • How to  choose and prepare healthy delicious meals that support your physical body, mind/emotions.

There are a variety of Journey Kits to choose from $680 - $1,260 ; payment plans are available.

Attend an upcoming information meeting for more detailed information and participation.

Click the links below for information about our seasonal Weight Release Journeys:
Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

Results From Previous Journeys


Before & After Photo

Before & After Photo


Group Released 252 lbs and 379 inches!


Group Released 266 lbs and 297 inches!


Group Released 226 lbs and 250 inches!

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